NOX, more than a Markham Karate Club!

NOX is a traditional martial arts dojo that believes in the intrinsic benefits of discovering oneself through hard work and perseverance. Our “Yes I can” attitude encourages a positive response to the challenges in the dojo and in life. We feel this is far more important than simply earning another color of the belt in the shortest amount of time. Opened in 1990, NOX is the very first professionally run Markham Karate Club to offer traditional Okinawa Karate. Since then, NOX has grown to include the Samurai arts of Kenjitsu (Japanese Swords) and Aikido. Our programs are challenging, fun, and rewarding. Join us today and unleash your indomitable human spirit.

Regular Schedule Begins September 7th: Schedule 2015/16




“With Sensei George and his seniors students you continue to grow an appreciation of the martial aspect, the applicability of the technique and the beauty of the art.” J. Alfane

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