NEXT Okinawa Tour Date Change:
October 2015 (Tentative October 6 – 15)

About Okinawa:
Okinawa is a holiday destination for beach going Japan. It is about a 3 hour flight south of the main islands of Japan. Known for its warm turquoise waters and friendly spirited people, Okinawa is also the birthplace of Karate.

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For Karate buffs, there is lots to see and do. A typical trip begins at our home base which is the GRG Hotel Higashimachi. It is walking distance to many of the popular attractions such as the Budokan (Naha martial arts training hall), the shopping experience of Kokusai Dori, the fascinating live seafood market of Makishi Market, the beautiful Chinese gardens of Fukushu-en, the picturesque Naminoue Shrine, and of course the Meibukan Hombu Dojo. Ferry, taxi, and bus trips also may include the historic Shuri-jo Castle, Gyokusendo Caves, Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, and the Kerema Islands.

For foodies, there is every type of food that you can imagine. Whether you seek steaks, sushi, burgers, or seafood. Perhaps if you are brave enough to experience the bizarre foods of Okinawa¬†like pigs’ feet and bitter melon,¬†you will bring back great stories and pictures to experience. Those not so adventurous may just be happy with the abundance of steak houses or perhaps the familiar McDonalds, KFC, Subway, or Starbucks. Freaky or familiar Okinawa has it all.