I am a student of Okinawa headquarters dojo. here to be able to see the karate education of Sean teacher of high level, a lot of fun. As A Student of the [Hombu] I am so happy to See … the same high standards of Okinawa “

Y. Maezato 

Kodomo Karate (Ages 3 – 9)

“As a York Region District School Board teacher I recognize the intrinsic value that Karate at NOX can offer any child!” P. Aniceto KODOMO KARATE Do you wish for your child to have a healthy and active lifestyle long into adulthood? Studies show that the earlier your child becomes active in sport the better chance…

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Jr. Meibukan (Ages 9 – 12)

“…Training in Karate [at NOX] has helped me acquire the discipline, ambition, and strength of character that has allowed me to succeed…” J.Wilson Are you proud to be “OLD SCHOOL”? You know…when “please” and “thank you” meant a lot. When the intrinsic reward of hard work and perseverance really meant more than colour of your…

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Youth (Ages 12 – 16)

“Many clubs have different kinds of students but NOX Dojo is a place where there is no ego amongst the students and teachers. It’s a great place for kids to develop the mind, body, and character.” D. Siriopoulos Okay teenagers, we get it. You know much more than us adults give you credit for. Let’s face…

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Adults (16 years & up)

Those of us that have been around the block a few times know how important exercise is. We hear it all the time. NOW however you have decided to make the time. Awesome! Even though your warrior days are waning perhaps you just want to burn calories, get fit, and get your Black Belt all…

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Sport Karate

Everyone plays and no one sits on the bench. If competition is your thing then let NOX help you achieve your very best. We have a variety of different levels that you can compete in. With dedication, you not only have a chance at making podium but you learn a lot about yourself and you…

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Camp/Specialty Prog.

NOX Dojo offers a variety of specialty martial arts related events and programs that occur from time to time. The events are always challenging, fun, and rewarding. They include travelling to Okinawa, birthday parties, club shiais, self-defense courses, and summer day camps. These are always changing and we invite you to sign up for our…

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